Scientific Conference On-Line Abstract and Registration System

Welcome to the support site for the
Congress Guide smart phone application.

Obtaining the application

The conference you are registered for will provide you with the link to get the application. The application is free, so the download will not cost you anything. For iOS users this will be on iTunes, while Android users should go to The application is currently not available on any other platforms.

Using the app

When you start the app it will open to the table of contents. Most of the pages are self explanatory, so we won't discuss them here. We suggest you start with the Schedule at a Glance, as this is the entry to most of the presentations at the meeting. Tap on the day at the top of the screen to see the sessions for that day, and then tap on a session title to see the session details. If there is an abstract associated with the presentation a tap on the presentation title will bring up the abstract. However there are a few things that you do need to know in order to use the app effectively.

External Links

If you select one of the external links, say a sponsor web site, the map to a restaurant, or an email address, your device will take you out of this app, and open the web browser, email application etc. That will push this app to the background where you can't see it anymore. To get back to the app, go back to the device desktop and press the app icon again. That will bring the app back to the front of the screen and you will be exactly where you were when you selected the external link.

My AgendaCongress Guide app screen shots

Is a personal agenda for this meeting. The organizers pre-populated it with some of the more popular sessions. You can add any session or individual presentation to your agenda by pressing the blue plus button next to that item. If a session or presentation has a red button that means it is already in your agenda. To remove something from your agenda press the red minus button.

Search Function

You can search for presenters, authors or by key word or phrase. Just type what you are looking for in the relevant field, and press search. You will be presented with a list of all the sessions where that word, phrase or author name appears. A note of caution when using author names. The Search will find all matches. For example if I wanted to find an author named Hill, and typed in "Hill" it would find all authors with "hill" anywhere in their name.


If they are using this feature (it can be turned off) the meeting organizers can send tweets to everyone with this application. Each message will appear at the top of the Official Tweets page. Note that you can not tweet from the app, you will have to use your own Twitter app for that. This is designed so that the organizers can send out last minute messages to delegates, and is a one way communication only.

Upgrading the app

If you are advised that there is an upgrade to the app, you may get the update by returningto the site where you downloaded the original app. To see any program changes you will have to delete the old version of the app from your phone, and then install the updated version.

Trouble shooting

You download the app, and it won't launch Try turning your phone off, and then restart it. If that doesn't work, delete the app, and they download a fresh copy from source (eg iTunes). If it still won't launch, check the version of your operating system to ensure that it the app will run on your phone. You must be using one of the following

iOS 5 and 6 Android version 4.0 or newer

Some pages error out. The app launches, but when you go to some pages, such as Schedule at a Glance, you get an error message. This means that your device is not processing the data to populate the page you have just opened. Check to make sure that you have an up-to-date version of the operating system for your device. If you are not using iOS 5.1 or newer, or Android 4.0 or newer you should update the operating system to the latest version that will run on your device. If that isn't the problem, try deleting the application and downloading a fresh copy.

If you are still having trouble please contact support: (